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About Us


ET Technology located in convenient transportation, young, open port city -Dongguan, is a professional design, manufacture, and sales of micro-pump manufacturer, supply micro-pumps and related accessories since 2010. The main products include AC pumps (FM board can be equipped with exhaust pressure valve, heating element, fasteners, etc.), brushless DC pumps, miniature DC pumps, urea pumps, etc., through the ISO/TS 16949: 2009 quality certification identification. Product safety testing and achieved test UL, ETL, cETL, CQC, TUV and other European countries and through ROHS, PAH, REACH and other environmental toxicity.

ET Technology plant area of over 10,000 square meters, more than 200 skilled workers, advanced and professional production and testing equipment, also has a number of years of experience in the business, technology, management personnel and research and development team of industry veterans, innovation, pragmatism for the design concept, tailored to customers all kinds of micro-pump. ET micropump based on the maximum precision and stability requirements in the design, through 1000-10000 life test. Our products for customers to provide professional assessment, in order to recommend and implement the best solution, ensure to get the best results, to help customers reduce costs and design needs of customers, truly "one-stop" service.

In order to meet market demand, Eddie has continued to optimize the integration of corporate resources, and strive to provide customers with high quality products. Rapid provide customers with high-quality, low-price products are Aidi technology diligently pursuit of the goal, after all, high quality is the essence of our forget.

 ET continued solid sales team in the domestic market, has been fully open up foreign markets, sales area has been extended risen Korea, India, the United States, Germany, Turkey, Mexico and other countries, and achieved remarkable results.

ET has a wealth of experience in the past, access to customers and become a reliable partner, we will whole-heartedly for the valued customers.

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