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ET - won the national high-tech enterprise certification

2017-07-14 08:54:05 admin 45

ET electromechanical with professional r&d team, strong technical strength, continuous innovation, scientific management, in November 2016, smoothly through the recognition of hi-tech enterprises, won the "high-tech enterprise certificate", become one of the high-tech enterprises in dongguan.

According to the relevant regulations of the state, the enterprise can enjoy tax benefits and the corporate income tax rate will be lowered.The successful declaration of high-tech enterprises marks a new level of technological innovation in our company.To enhance the social image of the company, improve the overall level of the technical innovation work will play a great role in promoting and pushing, for the company's long-term sustainable development and the smooth realization of the strategic planning to lay a solid foundation.

Obtain certificate of high and new technology enterprise, which is not of our company's scientific research ability and the overall technology level affirmation and recognition, but also for the company an incentive and spur innovation of scientific research personnel, the company will take this as an opportunity and momentum, continue to adhere to the research and development for the market, the principle of science and technology services market, further to enhance investment in technology research and development, efforts to improve the ability of independent innovation, give full play to the advantages in the field of system integration industry, efforts to achieve leapfrog development.